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after completing our comprehensive mcat review course,

we 100% guarantee that you will BOTH improve your total mcat score

and feel satisfied with OUR EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS - or your money back!


Formerly known as MCAT Elite, the Kabir Academy is a test preparatory service that focuses exclusively on MCAT prep

Through our MCAT study materials and online video course, we help our students master a system of science recollection and test-taking techniques designed specifically for the MCAT exam.  We offer this customized training program to students nationwide, currently providing them with online instruction and study guides written by the founder and most experienced instructor of the Kabir Academy - Tanvir Fayaz Kabir.  After devising and utilizing our methods many years ago, he was able to score a 38 (98.8%) on his first official MCAT exam. 

Through our innovative curriculum, we specialize in helping our students master the many fundamental science concepts and equations tested on the MCAT.  We then show our students how to apply these fundamentals in understanding the advanced topics presented on any MCAT physical or biological science passage.  By learning to dissect any passage sentence-by-sentence, our students learn to decipher complex MCAT science passages and gain terrific insight into answering the MCAT questions. 

We are among the best in MCAT preparation, and we present our materials as "dummy guides," to ensure our students can comprehend every topic presented on the MCAT.  We employ various study aids to help our students master each topic, to ensure they can recall relevant and useful science background information as they complete MCAT science passages.


No matter what other MCAT prep you may already be using in your studies, we guarantee that our materials and test-taking techniques will still help you throughout your training regimen and on your official MCAT exam.  As additional security for this educational investment, if you do not find our curriculum helpful nor easy to understand during your first month of studying with us, we will be more than happy to offer you a 100% full refund for our materials 



Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to see real testimonials from our past students



If you are serious in becoming a doctor and willing to prepare well for this exam, then feel confident to enroll in our services.  What we offer is a systematic training regimen that will guide you towards higher MCAT scores, if you put in the time to study each day and follow our recommendations.  The more you study, the better you will perform on your official MCAT. 


We do not offer a "magical formula" to ace the MCAT, and our educational packages are not designed for someone who wants an effortless way to score high on the MCAT.  Unfortunately, there are no such means.  But there is an efficient and well-structured way, if you're willing to study hard.  We teach our students virtually every fundamental science concept and equation tested on the MCAT, listed on the official AAMC MCAT syllabus.  Then we teach them how to recall these fundamentals as they progress through MCAT physical or biological science passages.  This takes a serious time and mental commitment and a desire to perfect your understanding of every fundamental concept that can be tested by AAMC.  But when you master your understanding and utilization of these concepts, you will have the capacity to breeze through MCAT science passages using these fundamentals as a foundation to understand the more advanced science topic presented in the passage.  In fact, when you decipher the passage using your knowledge of the fundamentals to guide you, you'll actually anticipate many of the questions and their correct answers during your mental dissection of the passage, even before you take a first look at the questions.

This technique works well for the MCAT, especially on the MCAT physical science section, but only if you have mastered the core science fundamentals.  If you don't believe that our method works - watch the video near the bottom of this homepage, where we present an excerpt from the introductory session of one of our recent MCAT classes.  You'll see the founder of the Kabir Academy (Tanvir Fayaz Kabir) score perfects on two randomly selected AAMC MCAT science passages using our system of techniques.  Then watch him locate and pinpoint MORE key statements from a sample AAMC MCAT verbal passage using the Verbal Virtuoso technique than an entire classroom of college students using their normal reading skills.  You will see that our mental dissection of the passage sentence-by-sentence will actually help you understand the advanced topics presented in the passage and will provide you with superb insight into the questions and their correct answers. 


The MCAT is the last and most difficult challenge you have to face before entering medical school, so if you truly want to become a physician, you must take this exam seriously and perform to your full potential. 

Once you dominate this exam and earn a medical school acceptance, your life will be completely set, as there will be no more exams to "weed" you out of the field of medicine.  Medical schools typically have a graduation rate of over 97%, so once you're accepted, you have nothing to worry about if you complete the required medical school course work. 

That's why it's so important to take this exam seriously - it truly is the last obstacle of your life that can prevent you from entering the noble field of medicine, a profession with truly unlimited potential in terms of how much you can help humanity.

For these reasons, you must declare war against the MCAT exam and train as if it's the most serious battle of your life.  Defeat cannot be an option if you truly desire to become a physician. 

Enroll with us, and we'll effectively train you for this battle, we'll arm you with the weapons that you need, and we'll inspire you with the knowledge and confidence to beat this exam.  All you have to bring with you into our training regimen is a passion and motivation to become a doctor, as well as a dedication to train hard with us.   


Our curriculum is designed to expand and enhance our students' science knowledge base and test-taking abilities if they study approximately 2-3 hours per day according to our MCAT study regimen that lasts 3-5 months.  And through our study aids such as Fundamental Fluency, we utilize what we call our "teach-it-back" learning model, which helps our students master the many fundamentals tested on the MCAT.  If completed on a regular basis, this system ensures that each student's weaknesses are continuously pinpointed, targeted, and strengthened, so that the student can effectively handle the numerous concepts tested on the official MCAT.


Our ultimate goal is to help our students earn a medical school acceptance 





When you enroll in our MCAT Virtual Classroom Course,

you will receive our high-powered MCAT study materials at no extra charge:


Kabir Academy Thinking Guides  by Tanvir Fayaz Kabir - 4th Edition - Science and Strategy Review - a 570-page collection of the most important science fundamentals tested on the MCAT.  These comprehensive study guides, written as "dummy guides" so that anyone can effectively understand these fundamentals regardless of science background, encompass general chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, cellular and human biology

The Kabir Academy Thinking Guides consist of the following study guides:

Kabir Academy General Chemistry Thinking Guide
Kabir Academy Organic Chemistry Thinking Guide
Kabir Academy Physics Thinking Guide
Kabir Academy Biology Thinking Guide
MCAT Test-Taking Strategy Review
Introductory Science Tutorial I (Skills to Master)
Introductory Science Tutorial II (Facts to Memorize)
Introductory Science Tutorial III (Optional Info)
Final Fundamental Exam (with Solutions)
Emergency Tips for Handling the Physical Sciences
Emergency Tips for Handling the Biological Sciences


Equations Clairvoyance by Tanvir Fayaz Kabir - 4th Edition - an innovative system designed to teach the student every equation tested on the MCAT in addition to our systematic method of recalling each equation while completing the MCAT science sections

Fundamental Fluency by Tanvir Fayaz Kabir - 4th Edition - an intense mental work-out program to be completed once a day for an entire month before taking the official MCAT test.  This system will ensure each student masters every science fundamental that can be tested on the MCAT 
Verbal Virtuoso by Tanvir Fayaz Kabir ( - 4th Edition - an interactive workbook that trains its reader in using Verbal Virtuoso, in our opinion the most effective and efficient reading technique available.  This workbook includes four full-length MCAT verbal practice exams and has demonstrated strong results in the performance of our past MCAT students.  We offer this workbook with a 100% money back guarantee to improve any student's reading comprehension when purchased directly from the website 




Our Online Educational Package








 You will study under our virtual classroom curriculum, all in the convenience of your own home. You will read and study our materials in order to understand every major science fundamental and equation tested on the MCAT, and we will guide you with over 50 hours of our online video lectures, which will supplement and reinforce your knowledge.  These video lectures are taught by the author of all our Kabir Academy study guides as well as Verbal Virtuoso, and he has taught our MCAT course longer than anyone else.  He has many years of teaching experience and strives for his students to achieve "euroka" moments as they grasp complex and challenging concepts, so that they can eventually master every potential science topic tested on the MCAT.

All videos can be viewed through Youtube any time of the day, at the student's convenience.




We can show you that our MCAT test-taking techniques work!
We present actual unedited classroom footage that tests
effectiveness of our high-powered MCAT training system
To view the first part of the video, click on the image directly below - then click each subsequent link to see the remaining six parts of the video

The videos presented above will show you an unedited excerpt from the introductory session of one of our past MCAT classroom courses (January 14, 2010 - University of Kentucky).  All three AAMC practice passages completed in these videos were randomly selected and drawn from a hat by students in that MCAT class.

The instructor (Tanvir Fayaz Kabir) completes one randomly selected physical science passage, followed by one randomly selected biological science passage.  Through his analyzation of both passages based on his knowledge of the science fundamentals, he is able to gain a better understanding of the passages and score perfects on both passages. 

He then reads a randomly selected AAMC verbal passage under timed conditions
using the Verbal Virtuoso strategy taught in our MCAT courses, while his students do the same using their regular reading abilities.  Using his technique, he's able to single-handedly point out more key points in the passage than the entire classroom of 18 college students collectively together.


Enroll in our MCAT preparatory service, and we will show you how to become a master of the science fundamentals, learn how to recall these fundamentals by heart, and gain the test-taking expertise to earn a stronger MCAT score.


We specialize exclusively on MCAT preparation and offer one of the MCAT industry's best money-back guarantees.  Our teaching model and our innovative materials provide us with the ability to offer our guarantee.





If you have struggled with the MCAT in the past but still dream to serve humanity as a physician - 


We believe that virtually any motivated adult can succeed on this exam

with sufficient study and practice.  The only caveat is that every successful student must be dedicated for many months and spend enough time mastering every potential science topic that can be presented on the MCAT. 

This is the key to any multiple-choice science exam. 


For additional information about our course, please listen to an online podcast between the founder of the Kabir Academy [formerly known as MCAT Elite], Tanvir Fayaz Kabir, and Dr. Dan Williams, the creator of the Medical Mastermind Community:









MCAT Virtual Classroom Course


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Verbal Virtuoso  for the MCAT Verbal

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MCAT Thinking Guides with Equations Clairvoyance and Fundamental Fluency

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Attention Disadvantaged Students:


Please note that we encourage disadvantaged pre-medical students to enroll in our service, regardless of financial status.  If your family's limited finances prevent you from enrolling in a MCAT prep course and you qualify for AAMC's Fee Assistance Program, 

then we will offer you a 50% tuition reduction for our Virtual Classroom online course and Kabir Academy study materials. 


We believe that all aspiring physicians, who wish to dedicate their lives serving humanity, should have the same opportunities to reach their coveted goal. 


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 If you want to improve your MCAT score under our guidance and money back guarantees, then click here to enroll in our online MCAT course today!



There is no risk in making any payment.  We offer a full refund if a student is unhappy within one month of starting our MCAT course.  We have nothing to hide within our innovative educational packages. 

Come in willing to learn, and you will absorb an incredible amount of information in this MCAT course, which will help you both on your MCAT and in medical school!



If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at the following address: 







To provide our students with complete confidence and security, we are pleased to offer two no-risk money back guarantees on all of our MCAT products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
First, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with our materials during your first month of preparation, we will offer you a full refund upon the return of our study guides.

Higher Score Guaranteed
Second, if your official MCAT score does not improve after studying our curriculum for at least three months, we will also offer you a full refund upon the return of our materials.

We offer both guarantees to our students, to ensure that they will only benefit from our educational services or get their money back!


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Attention U.S. Military

Service Members and Veterans:

To thank you for your gracious and honorable service, we will offer you a 50% tuition reduction for our Virtual Classroom online course and Kabir Academy study materials.  If you strive to study medicine and need our help, then please email us, and we will gladly help you in any way we can. 


Thank you for your passion and desire to 

defend our country and fight for our     invaluable freedoms.   


  Your service and sacrifice are immeasurable, and America as well as the rest of this world are indebted to you.

Click Here if You Are a U.S. Military Service Member or Veteran    




"I would strongly recommend this class to anybody preparing for the MCAT. It is the best way I could have ever imagined to prepare."

"This program improved my scores by 9 points."

"I would recommend this course to any pre-medical student whether or not they plan on taking an MCAT course."
"I just wanted to let you know that I got my MCAT scores back and I got a 35P!  I am really excited....  I got 11 on both Physical and Biological, and a 13 on my Verbal!  Yay for your strategy!  Thanks for all your help...."

"With this course I scored a 31Q on the MCAT and solidified my knowledge base in biology. Whats more is that I aced Organic Chemistry I (a concurrent course) because Fayaz [the primary instructor] is excellent at explaining this material as well.  I also went on the ace Organic II, also because I learned much of this material in Fayaz's MCAT course.  This was possibility the best deal I've ever had in higher education."
"I just wanted to let you know that I got my new MCAT scores back today. I received a 30Q and I am beyond happy for I raised my score 8 points by studying your curriculum. Thank you so much for your help. I hope medical school is going well for you."
"I don't know if you remember me, but I am the military officer you gave your product to when I was in Germany.  I wanted to say thank you for giving me your product to study this last year.  It really paid of--I was accepted into the LSU School of Medicine today.  I couldn't have done this without your product and I owe you a many thanks.  I'll be sure to post my gratitude on your MCAT Elite's [Kabir Academy's] website.  Again, I hope all is well for you and many thanks."
"Fayaz [the primary instructor] knew everything there was to know about the MCAT. He knew everything that has been seen on the MCAT and that will possibly show up. Any questions we asked in class he had an answer and a great explanation to help us understand. I would definitely take another course with him."

"Everything that we did in the course directly increased our knowedge of MCAT subject matter. There was no frivolous learning of random material like I have heard about in other courses."



"I just wanted to let you know that I just got my MCAT was a 31.  I am very happy about that.  My break down is Verbal: 9, Physical Science: 11, and Biological Science: 11....  I really want to thank you for all your help and time!  It's a great thing you are doing.  Good luck with your studies and I wish for a great future for you!"



"How are you?  I am not sure if you will remember, but I took your MCAT Elite [Kabir Academy] course a couple of years ago....  Thanks to you I was able to get into the UK college of medicine and I am now a second year student."



"I was extremely satisfied. My questions were always answered and no stone was left unturned with respect to the material. This course was a direct help to me scoring a 33 on my actual MCAT."


"I would recommend MCAT Elite [Kabir Academy] to my friends because (a) it's a great value, and (b) it focuses on very valuable test-taking strategies that go beyond simply knowing the material."



"Your [Verbal Virtuoso] technique has worked amazingly for me! I am a student who had to retake the MCAT multiple times, and each of the previous I had approached the verbal section using the technique used by one of the MCAT prep courses. It just was not clicking with me. Each time my verbal score was the one section that was holding me back. Verbal Virtuoso was straightforward, easy to use, easy to learn, and most importantly extremely effective. This technique allowed me to understand what the author was saying and I felt prepared when I was moving on to answer the questions. I give my highest recommendation to anyone who struggles with the verbal section to try this technique, it's simply unrivaled."

"I was very satisfied with the course.  I would recommend it to anyone studying for the MCAT."

"The MCAT elite [Kabir Academy] program is worth the money because it is cheaper than other testing companies, and instructors do a much better job."

"The instructor was a great teacher and had an excellent understanding of all the MCAT science material. I would take another science course with my instructor if I needed to.  The lessons were interactive and taught to make the course interesting."

"It was interactive ....  The practice problems given in the binder were most helpful, and the verbal strategy works really well. The instructor had an excellent understanding of the MCAT material, and taught well."
"By the way, I made a 30 on my MCAT. So that means, thanks to you, my score increased 6 points.
Thanks again for all the time you spent with me this summer helping me prepare for the test. Thanks to you and your course/materials you've made me a more competitive applicant and one step closer to achieving my dream. I'm very appreciative."

"I would definitely recommend the MCAT Elite [Kabir Academy] course and I actually already have.  It is a great deal and a great service." 



"You were right--enrolling in your course was one of the best decisions I have made in my life!  Thank you more for your support and encouragement--two things that I have not had in regards to pursuing my goal to become a physician.  It means more to me than words can express....  I am indeed humbled and blessed by it and you."

"My instructor was very knowledgeable and I felt the teaching method was interactive and effective.  I would take another course with my instructor."
"I know it has been a while since I talked to you last but I just wanted to let you know I am going to West Virginia school of Osteopathic Medicine!  ....  I improved my MCAT by 6 points since my first time taking it!"

"The Verbal strategy is awesome.  I already thought I had a strong grip on verbal comprehension going into the course, but the strategy greatly improved my scores."

"I got my score back today: 29P! I'm happy with that! Thanks for everything,"


"Hope MCAT elite [Kabir Academy] is doing well.  it worked very well for me- I'm in medical school right now."
"I was very satisfied with the course; I would never want to take another."

"I ended up getting a 30 on the test (10 in each section)."


"Thanks for everything and I hope all is well with you! I've had my first three interviews now and I fully believe that I would not be where I am without your program."